Get Hands-On With Your Wedding Design!

A Milkhouse Party is your premier venue to DIY your wedding florals with the help of our expert designers. This unique experience is great for bonding with your bridal party and is a memory you will never forget. You bring the party, and we will bring the pretty!


DIY Wedding Party

From the centerpieces, down to the very last bout - we are with you every step of the way!


Share Your Vision With Us!

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DIY Bride  Renee 

DIY Bride Jacqueline With Her Bridesmaids

It's All About The Experience. 

We will sit down with you to discuss your vision and budget at A Milkhouse Party studio. Our professional designer will offer advice on which types of flowers are in-season and will serve you best. 

Bring your maids and your moms and we will give you our recommended flower "recipes" to design your bouquets, bouts, bud vases and centerpieces! Our recipes are for guidance, but you have creative freedom in how you want to arrange and tweak your designs.  

Visit our Rent The Space page for information on pricing.

When Should I Book It?

We recommend having your DIY party about 2 days before your wedding. This will keep the flowers fresh enough to look beautiful without rushing through the details.

If you are getting your nails done, PLEASE get them done after your DIY party!  We promise, green fingernails are a daily struggle for us, and they are not cute! Sidenote: we also recommend comfortable, closed-toe shoes.

 Fresh Florals, Fresh Look

Fresh Florals, Fresh Look

"But I don't want it to look bad!"

We don't want it to look bad either! Flowers are chosen with design ease in mind and you can hire a professional florist to assist during the DIY party.

Floral recipes are simplified for you and your "faux florists" to copy and we encourage letting your creative hands get down and dirty in the flowers.

Flowers are processed and ready for  the party when you arrive, so skip the supermarket floral bouquets and let us wow you with the finest locally grown blooms and foliages from our garden and local farms. The best feeling is seeing a bride and her beloved friends and family join together to get the party started! 

Am I A DIY Bride?

This will only take a minute! If you're not sure whether or not this DIY Flower Party is for you, give us a call - we are happy to explain the process to you in more detail. But first, take our quiz and find out whether or not you are a DIY bride.