Meet The Sisters Behind The Business


Meet Mary.

Mary is the youngest of the three Colson sisters.  She is the risk-taker, the dreamer, the outside-the-box-thinker.  It was Mary who spearheaded renovations for A Milkhouse Party, and who encourages the duo to reach for the stars and step outside their comfort zones.  She is fueled by the joy of sharing art and nature with all who experience an A Milkhouse Party event. 


Meet Dawn.  

Dawn is the oldest of the Colson sisters.   She is the organizer, the note-taker, the plan-preparer.   It is Dawn who forms the budgets and logistics that serve as the foundation to the partnership's passion projects.  When Mary wants to conquer the world, it's Dawn who reasons, "Well, let's start with a small country first." 


Meet Amanda

(A sister by heart) Amanda was welcomed into the Milkhouse Party family in May of 2017. A former bride of sister business, A Garden Party Florist, Amanda was honored to join Mary and Dawn as they embarked on their new business venture. Amanda now serves as the events coordinator for A Milkhouse Party. So give her a shout at


"Little sisters remind big sisters how wonderful it is to play in the sand.  Big sisters show little sisters how to keep the sand off their popsicles."

-Susan K. Hom