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Garden Magic at our Farm-Themed Date Night

Garden Magic at our Farm-Themed Date Night

Dinner Date Success.

Our recent Group Date Night featuring many Farm-to-Table goodies was a knockout success, and we are still glowing with the memories from the evening.  Even after 10 years of wedding design and 2 years of A Milkhouse Party, we still get nervous about hosting events - afterall, it doesn't matter how pretty everything looks if you don't have guests to come and enjoy it.  It's a childish fear, and we're working on it, but the small bit of anxiety seems even sillier when compared to the overflow of people who came to eat, socialize, and find out what A Milkhouse Party is all about. We love seeing new faces and explaining the space all over again, because we truly believe that what we do here is special and are bursting with the opportunities to share its aura. 

Of course, where would we be without our friends Tami & Ryan Photography, who (once again) came to document this event with their eye for detail and bright, fun style. Friends like these are true gems, and we are forever indebted to their willingness to travel to our space, to share their talents and for believing and supporting our professional dreams.

Mary and Dawn portrait

We used our farmgirl roots to decorate.

Of all the different themes and party inspirations to cross our desks, a farm theme is definitely the top of our comfort zone.  We live it, we work it, we grew up with it and now we can put our twist on it.  Fresh flowers from the garden and arrangements made with stacked peppers were fun and unexpected.  Our gold flatware dressed up the rustic setting, and a ceiling full of string lights and vines brought the ambiance to max capacity. 

decor details from Dinner Date night at A Milkhouse Party
ceiling vines from Farm to Table Dinner
Place settings from Farm to Table Dinner at A Milkhouse Party

A Meal to Remember.

Chefs Jill & Stephen had dishes rolling out of our catering barn that had our eyes gleaming and mouths watering.  Everything - and we mean everything - that was prepared was fresh, delicious and Instagram worthy.  Their vision for the menu from the small appetizers to the stunning dessert display was meticulously thought out and executed with flavors only their level of professionalism could achieve. 

Behind the Scenes at A Milkhouse Party dinner
Food details from Farm to Table
cake shot from Farm to Table Dinner
Pie shot from Farm to Table dinner

An Informative Meal.

Each course included an introduction and explanation by Stephen or Jill about how they came up with it and their methods of preparation.  Talks included their use of the Sorbello Farms CSA ingredients, the couples' own homegrown honey and their local connections in the food industry.  Mike Brooks represented the CSA, sharing their part in bringing together this amazing dinner and the benefits of having fresh, locally sourced produce delivered right to your home.

From Left to Right : Stephen Wilson, Jill Wilson and Mike Brooks  

From Left to Right : Stephen Wilson, Jill Wilson and Mike Brooks  

guests enjoying Farm to Table dinner
guests enjoying dinner at A Milkhouse Party

Garden Guitarist.

Gracing our outdoor gardens was guitarist,  Kiesa Dickson.  When she saw our Facebook shout out looking for a musician to entertain during the evening, this lovely Woodstown high school student contacted us.  She showed up with her guitar and her sheet music and entranced us with her beautiful voice and song.  We are still impressed with this young girl's initiative and her musical talents, and can't wait to see what the future has in store for this talent!  

guitarist at A Milkhouse Party
guitarist close up

Breathtaking Views.

We love our "happy space," but it takes like-minded souls to really see A Milkhouse Party for the treasure that it is.  This is what we love so much about opening our doors for events - seeing others relax, lounge and take pictures of the surrounding views shows us that they, too, see the beauty that we worked so hard to uncover. 

sunset views at A Milkhouse Party
guests by the fireside at Farm to Table dinner
lounging guests at Farm to Table dinner
outdoor mingling at A Milkhouse Party

A Little Clip with A Lot of Love.

80 South Productions produced this wonderful film for us to relive our Dinner Date Night over and over.  They really captured the essence of the evening to show how enjoyable a night at A Milkhouse Party really is.  

Thank you to all the guests, staff and friendors that made our Farm-to-Table themed dinner a night to remember! 

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