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Mommy & Me Afternoon Tea

Mommy & Me Afternoon Tea

We love our mama.

We are incredibly close to our mom.  Our drive for the renovation of A Milkhouse Party was ultimately because we knew what a special place in her heart this building had and we wanted to bring it back to life for her.  So of course whenever the opportunity arises to host events that cater to the "mother/daughter" relationship, we jump at the chance. 

Our "Mommy & Me Butterfly Tea Party" was a huge success.  Little women came with their mothers to sip tea from china teacups, snack on delectable treats and create their own fancy hats. Butterfly strands and vintage linens made this giggling garden party truly special.

Mommy & Me tea party beverage display
Mommy & Me tea party decor at A Milkhouse Party
Mommy & Me tea party place setting at A Milkhouse Party

We ate like royalty!

Rode's Catering made us feel as if we were dining like the Queen of England at high tea.  Adorable butterfly sandwiches and cookies were just the start of the array of goodies they provided.  Colorful, presentable and delicious, we were thrilled with the variety and quality of their service.

Mommy & Me tea party dessert table
Mommy & Me tea party food display by Rode's Catering
Mommy & Me tea party butterfly sandwiches by Rode's Catering

Of course, there were crafts.

Our Fancy Hat station offered a selection of silk flowers and butterflies to adorn in whichever design our little ladies preferred.  Our Caterpillar Socks were a huge hit, with colorful patterns and soft cotton stuffing.

Mommy & Me tea party hat decorating station
Mommy & Me tea party mirror set up at A Milkhouse Party
Mommy & Me caterpillar craft station
Amanda instructs caterpillar craft at A Milkhouse Party
Amanda instructs Caterpillar sock craft at A Milkhouse Party
Mommy & Me butterfly tea party at A Milkhouse Party

Memories That Make the Magic Last Forever. 

Having Tami & Ryan Photography come for quick photo ops allowed everyone to put their phones down for the day while still getting beautiful images to remember it by. 

Professional Portraits at Mommy & Me butterfly tea party
A Milkhouse Party team portrait at Mommy & Me butterfly tea party

The reviews for this Butterfly Tea Party were unanimously positive.  The feedback we received inspired us to have an adult version so that we could extend the experience.  If you missed out on this event, be sure to join us for our "Farm to Table" dinner on Saturday, July 29th at 6PM, our more grown-up dining event, where the details are a little more mature but the magic is just as real.

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Farm to Table Dinners

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