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Tie-Dye Birthday Party

Tie-Dye Birthday Party

The best part about our venue is the ability to make it your own.

While we pride A Milkhouse Party on being able to adapt to the vision of its patrons, even we couldn't have predicted a Tie Dye Birthday Party taking over the space.  But when Delaney's parents approached us with this idea, we were fully on board and tackled the task of creating a party perfect for an 8 year old's special day with her friends. 

As with all of our Event Design experience, it's the most fun when our clients appreciate all the little details that go into party planning.  Delaney's mom was a dream to work with, thinking of everything from the invitations, to signage, to desserts that matched her daughter's Tie Dye theme. 

This was also the first event we hosted after extending the Milkhouse renovations into the back parlor.  We're happy to say after some giggly reviews that it was a total success.  Thank you to Adam V. Simmons Photography for sharing these moments!

Tie Dye birthday invitation

We have two giant chalkboards - one with a permanent A Milkhouse Party logo, and one that is open to customization or revolving quotes.  Delaney's party included a sign that matched her invitation font. 

Tie Dye birthday personalization

Mini aprons were customized for the little ladies to wear as they got their hands dirty.  Personalized instruction labels on their tie-dye sets also showed that no corner was left untouched in planning this party.  This was also great for organization - distributing the sets to the girls became a whole lot easier, so we're taking notes for future reference.

Delaney at her Tie Dye Birthday Party
Tie Dye Tshirts for Delaney's 8th birthday party at A Milkhouse Party.

A Milkhouse Party's Torey dressed the part as she instructed the girls on how to dye t-shirts.  Our staff is always down to learn new crafty projects and to help out with parties, so if you'd like to make your experience interactive, be sure to let us know.

Tie Dye instructions at Delaney's birthday party
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place setting for Delaney's 8th birthday party

The front may have turned into a multi-color mess, but pretty place settings waited for the girls in the back parlor for dessert. 

custom tie dye themed stationary
Tie Dye themed dessert display

How cute!  Purples, blues and pinks took over the dessert station in the form of cake flowers and macaroons.  

Birthday song at Delaney's tie dye birthday party
Delaney's family portrait
group shot at Delaney's tie dye birthday party

Happy Birthday, Delaney!  


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How to Tie-Dye a T-shirt:

You'll need:

-disposable gloves

-a plain white tee

- rubber bands

-bins or buckets to hold dye

Depending on what you want your end result to look like, use rubberbands to form one of the below patterns:

After dipping your shirt in the dyes that you want, let it set for 6-8 hours.  Rinse out any excess dye and remove the rubberbands (the rubberbands create the white lines that separate the colors.)  Run your shirt through the wash, let it dry and voila!  Psychadelic Fashion!

Gratitude = Happiness

Gratitude = Happiness

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