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Meet the Expert: Jess Spina, Beauty Pro of Your Day Your Way

Meet the Expert: Jess Spina, Beauty Pro of Your Day Your Way

Get that Everyday Glow.

Can you imagine having the ability to walk out the door every morning looking ready for whatever curveballs the day threw at you?  Whether it was running into an ex, a surprise drop in from your supervisor or an impromptu Insta photoshoot with friends, looking our best helps us to feel our best. 

Sure, Youtube tutorials are amazing, but unfortunately the instructor isn't there to smack the eyeliner out of your hand when you overdraw or to tell you that you do not, in fact, look like the Victoria's Secret Angel that you were promised to be mistaken for. 

 Source :  Google Images

Source : Google Images

Meet Jess.

Well, we now have the answer to all your beauty malfunctions.  Jess Spina, owner of Your Day Your Way Traveling Hair & Makeup Artistry, friend, and certified Beautiful Person is coming to A Milkhouse Party to teach us her ways around the make-up bag.  Her profile pics alone are enough to get me to sign right up and learn whatever tips she's willing to throw.  For those that need more convincing, her qualifications include over 400 weddings after 8 years in business, countless Couples Choice Awards from Wedding Wire, Best of The Knot magazine, and her work being published in Style Me Pretty, Carats and Cake, Ruffled, Inspired by This, Luxury Wedding and The Today Show.  Yes - The Today Show.

Jess started as that friend that everyone has, who was always good at doing hair and make up.  She'd be the one in the group to help everyone get ready, you'd stare at her supplies and wonder how she ever figured out what she was doing, and she always looks like a million bucks.  She refined her natural talent into a professional skill and used her business savvy and hustle to run her present-day company #sheboss . She even did her own make up on her wedding day and of course, looked #flawless. Her amazing skills as a chef, hysterical husband Eric and beautiful young daughter are all just a part of what makes this young woman so dynamic and fun to be around. 

See for yourself when you sign up for her Beauty Bash class on Thursday, February 1 at 7pm.  This includes an hour make-up application demo on a live model.  The class will cover how to apply an everyday make up look and then some tips on how to turn it into a fun night look.  The end of the class will include a Q & A session and product recommendations.  We've hosted this class before and it sold out, and have also had Jess come for several private parties to share her knowledge so we can promise our girl knows her stuff.  It is SO worth seeing the live instruction!

 Instagram : A  Milkhouse Party

Instagram : A Milkhouse Party

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from a true beauty guru. Come for an hour and leave with information to use everyday for years?  Yes, please. 

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