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Baby Shower Inspiration

Baby Shower Inspiration

Babies, Babies, Everywhere...

You may have noticed that we've been a bit quieter online these past few months - that's because there have been a couple of new babies added to the staff behind the scenes!  

 Meet the newest cousins, Matthew Coombs and Joy Coombs!

Meet the newest cousins, Matthew Coombs and Joy Coombs!

It's funny how the quieter we are online, the busier we are out on the field - both in our personal lives and business. Besides the newbies, our little venue has been booked solid most weekends this spring with a ton of private events and showers.   Now that we are getting back into blogging, we're ready to show some inspiration that's been bouncing around during our time off.

Since we've been blessed with our own new arrivals of a boy AND girl to the family, today's post is dedicated to all-things-baby.  In honor of these two munchkins, we've rounded up some fun baby shower themes that we'd love to host at A Milkhouse Party for soon-to-be mama's who are ready to welcome their blessings with a fabulous party!


Gender Neutral 


Book-Inspired Baby Shower

There's nothing quite like a book that reminds us of the magic of our childhood.  We all have cherished stories that are told over and over again through generations, and reading to our babies can start while they're still in the womb and be a bonding activity that lasts forever. 

It hard to put together images for this theme because there are so many different ways to do it.  Whether you choose bright colors to match the illustrations of childhood classics or the the weathered look of vintage literature, this is a great theme for the party that marks the next "chapter" of your life!

 Images courtesy of  Pinterest

Images courtesy of Pinterest

A Star is Born

A star-themed baby shower is a great theme because it's so whimsical.  The pretty metallic colors, the idea that a wish has been granted - this theme is perfect for any expectant parents!  We can envision our new balloon decor option as being a huge asset to this sort of theme, and predicting baby's personality based on their zodiac sign would be such a fun activity with guests. 

 Images courtesy of  Pinterest

Images courtesy of Pinterest


Girl Baby Shower

Flamingo Theme

If you're going to find out the gender of your baby, why not have some fun exploding it during the baby shower?  That means girl = pink!  And what could be more pink and scream party louder than a flamingo?!  This theme is popular because of it is so much fun with tropical details and bright color tones.  With our background in party planning, we can throw an amazing 'flamingle' party with chalkart, flower arrangements, and a pretty dessert display.

flamingo baby shower


Boy Baby Shower


As a mom of 3 boys (and aunt to 4 nephews!) I can confidently say that boys love wheels.  Trucks, tractors, trains...if it has wheels, boys seem to just gravitate towards them.  Having a "wheels" theme baby shower for your new baby boy is probably the only time you'll be able to embrace the passion while still being able to make it pretty.  This theme may even be the best fit at A Milkhouse Party because of the extensive array of vehicles that seem to collect there.  

boy baby shower wheels

Have a fun baby shower theme you'd like to share?

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If you'd like to host a baby shower at A Milkhouse Party, fill out a form HERE.  Have more questions? Contact us and say hello!

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