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Pet Photoshoot

Pet Photoshoot

A Different Sort of Event...

Most of our events come with weeks of meticulous planning, and unrivaled attention to detail.  We love tackling themes and prettying up our Milkhouse with cute decor and interesting touches.  

Our Pet Photoshoot however, was a change in pace for us since it was such a relaxing experience!  Most of us on the team have pets we adore and we thought it would be fun to take pictures with them.  We had no idea the success that it would become and how many others feel the same way! It seemed like a no-brainer to host this experience again since it had such wonderful results. 

Much of the success is credited to Rachel Pearlman Photography - although we have known for years now her astonishing talent behind a camera, we are always blown away by the images she captures.  We truly cherish the way she was able to so beautifully document this day with our furry family members. 

pet photo - bunnies

All Creatures, Great and Small

Not only were we impressed by the turnout, but also by the sheer variety of animals that showed up!  From an adorable assortment of hamsters to a beloved pig, A Milkhouse Party had turned into a miniature zoo for the day. 

pet photo - guinea pig
pet photo - guinea pig
pet photo - dog - french bulldog

Pick Your Portrait Style

The other great part about this photo shoot, was that half the images showed the animals with their two-legged owners, while the other half were solo portraits with the pets in all of their glory.  We could go through this album of images all day, since the variety is so interesting and sweet.  

pet photo - cat - flower crown
pet photo - pig
pet photo - bunny - flower collar
pet photo - goat
pet photo - pig
pet photo - dog - golden retriever

Don't Miss Out!

Round 2 of this event is scheduled for June 24th from 1-5pm (you have to pick a time slot when purchasing a ticket.)  It's actually been sold out right after we listed it, but a few last minute slots have opened up, so don't wait too long! 

Teddy Bear Picnic

Teddy Bear Picnic

Baby Shower Inspiration

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