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Date Night Done Right

Date Night Done Right

A Romantic Rut.

I've been with my husband for almost 7 years now, and I'm not going to lie, we've plateaued when it comes to Valentine's Day.  We feel as if we've done it all - the flowers, the champagne, the fancy restaurant.  Now with 2 kids, there's a bit of a lackluster approach to a day that's supposed to awaken the love for someone who you fight over the parenting night shift with.  

I think a big part of the feet dragging comes from not knowing how to make it special, how to do something out of the ordinary that stands out from the Valentine's Days of the past. It's not that it wouldn't mean the world to light some sort of spark - we're just too exhausted trying to figure out how to do it. 

Think Outside the Box.

Two years ago A Milkhouse Party hosted its first Valentine's Day dinner date night.  We slotted the event for two evenings and were completely sold out.  There was a special combination of factors that made this such a memorable time, including the appeal of offering a fresh, unique venue for date night. 

Last year we were neck deep in renovations and projects and decided to put the party on hold, but we are SO excited to reopen our doors THIS SATURDAY, February 10 at 6 pm for this special event, now even bigger and better. 

I'm going to share a few photos from our original Valentine's dinner and some notes about what we have lined up to give you an idea about what this year's special evening entails. 

The Classics

Beautiful Place Settings 

Party planning is our specialty, so you can be sure to expect professional, beautiful place settings to welcome you for dinner.  We strive for perfection when it comes to welcoming our guests, and this will be no exception.  We're proud to be able to offer all the perks of a formal restaurant while remaining true to our rustic roots. 

Romantic Ambiance 

Flickering candlelight, twinkling string lights, rose petals and floral decor are all to be expected for a venue completely transformed to set the mood for a romantic evening out. 

Unique entertainment

It wouldn't be A Milkhouse Party without learning something new!  Enjoy a floral demonstration to get a glimpse the work behind the botanical artistry that surrounds Valentine's Day, and the magic that brings it together. 

Delicious cuisine

We're keeping the theme localized, with catering by Dodge's Market.  The evening's menu includes:


Assorted meats and cheeses, fruits, olives and crackers. 

Shrimp wrapped in bacon with red roasted pepper, pan-seared and served with a balsamic reduction 

The famous Dodge's house salad


 Chicken breast stuffed with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and sharp cheese wrapped in bacon sliced down into medallions and served over sauteed spinach finished with chardonnay cream

Beef tenderloin finish with vedallia onions

Penne vodka with fresh basil, elephant garlic, plum tomato and red onion


Triple chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries

The Upgrades

We told you it would be bigger and better!  Check out some of the new details to look forward to at this year's version of Valentine's Day Date Night.

More spacious seating 

Oh, how much has changed in two years! We now offer a much more spacious dining area.  This helps maintain the same amount of intimacy and rustic appeal, but now gives couples a more relaxed layout so that they can either join the conversations around them or keep more to themselves. The original dining room is now our lounge for cocktails and mingling.

Live music

We're pulling all the stops so that you don't have to!  After having Kiesa at our Farm-to-Table dinner, we knew this would be the perfect time to welcome her back so that more people can enjoy the strums of her guitar. 

Floral add-ons 

If you ever wanted to try rocking some floral jewelry, there is no better time or place to start than an event at A Milkhouse Party.  Be sure to order yours from our sister business, A Garden Party, and we can have it waiting for you when you arrive.


Hurry and Reserve Your Seat! 

This is the solution to your Valentine's Day rut you've been searching for.  It has all the classical elements of romance tied into a beautifully displayed package.  Our group seating allows for conversation with new company and the theme of our venue keeps the evening fresh and unique.  We only host these types of events a few times a year, and seating is extremely limited so don't wait to purchase your tickets.  We can't wait to see you Saturday!  

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