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Party in Style this Holiday Season

Party in Style this Holiday Season

A Timeless Lesson.

Whose watched "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" yet this year?  A seasonal classic, it's delivered in a funny and imaginative form that only Dr. Seuss knows how to do.  However, like most of Dr. Seuss' stories, the deeper message is something that resonates much more as adults.  

After watching the Who's gather more and more "stuff," the ending lesson for the Grinch was that even after all of it was taken away, Christmas was still there.  He realizes, "Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store.  Maybe Christmas, perhaps means a little bit more." 

The Gift of Gathering

Yes, yes, it's a bit of a cheesy message to remind you of.  There is lots of joy to be found in selecting gifts for the ones we love, to show how we appreciate them and a selfless way to say, "hey, I was thinking about you!"  But it's the company of others, the companionship and sense of community that truly warms the heart.  It's why we cook the big meals, bundle up and march to the car no matter the weather, and buy the gifts.  We as humans crave togetherness, and there's no time of year it's in abundance as much as the holiday season. 

Set the Stage

Of course, here at A Milkhouse Party, our middle name is "gather."  Workshops, private parties, public events, baby showers, bridal showers, vendor showings...everything we do here is for the purpose of boosting relationships between strangers and friends alike.  For us, we have so much fun putting together a space that welcomes and entertains those who walk through the doors.  From the railing of our entrance ramp to the place settings at your seat, we firmly believe that setting the stage for an event has a huge impact on the atmosphere. 

A Good First Impression

What better way to welcome guests at Christmastime than with the glow of lights on a dark evening, and the smell of evergreen as they walk through the door? Whether you choose garlands or wreaths to decorate your door, it's a sure way to set the tone right off the bat. 

Little Touches, Big Impact

We really love playing around with napkin treatments, especially catering them to the time of year.  Cinnamon sticks with a touch of evergreen are such a small addition that make a big impression.  Have a live tree?  Snip a few pieces right from the back!

Festive Florals

Of course the floral designers in us put centerpieces right at the top of the list for holiday must-haves.  Whether you're setting your own table or visiting a fabulous host, flowers are always a crowd pleaser.  You can order from our sister business, A Garden Party and avoid a last-minute trip to the mall for a hostess gift!  Prefer to bring a bottle of wine?  Set the bar high with a floral ice bucket!  Learn how to make one here.

Upper Left :  A Milkhouse Party Instagram , wreath-making workshop ; Upper Right :  Krystal Deegan Photography , cookie-decorating workshop   Bottom Left :  T  ami & Ryan Photography , grand opening ; Bottom Right :  Mrs. Clause Storytime

Upper Left : A Milkhouse Party Instagram, wreath-making workshop ; Upper Right : Krystal Deegan Photography, cookie-decorating workshop 

Bottom Left : Tami & Ryan Photography, grand opening ; Bottom Right : Mrs. Clause Storytime

Be present.

So as the weekend approaches, we encourage you to G A T H E R together and be present in the moments with your family and friends.  Roll your eyes at your uncle's corny jokes, plaster a smile on when you open the pair of socks from your mom and eat Grandmom's famous pie and mashed potatoes until your pants start to cry. And love every moment of it.  Love the laughs, the clinking of glasses and the sound of conversation rolling throughout the room.  Take a moment to appreciate that these are YOUR people, through thick and thin. 


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