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Santa Clause Came to Town

Santa Clause Came to Town

A Day That was Merry & Bright.

The Big Man in Red came back to A Milkhouse Party and this time, he brought the Mrs!  This is our favorite time of year at A Milkhouse Party, and we can't think of a better way to have kicked off the season.  We broke a sweat decorating with tons of lights, garland, ornaments and other Christmas decor so that our guests could enjoy the entirety of the space beyond the main attraction of Santa Photos and really get into the Christmas spirit. 

Special Decor Details

At A Milkhouse Party, "potential" is limitless in so many ways for creativity, so we had a ton of fun figuring out how to add some unique decorations to the space.  Our Fairy Garden snowman seemed to be the perfect combination to represent what we do here - something beautiful to look at with a certain amount of magic involved. 

fairy garden snowman

This vintage sled was salvaged from one of the Coombs Sod Farm barns, and it's tie to the family history made it a no brainer to use for Santa Photos.  The weathered wood and paint gave it a ton of character and it fit right in with the rest of our beloved rescued treasures. 

vintage sled from A Milkhouse Party

Other custom touches, like the Winter Wonderland chalk art, all came together for a toasty winter day.

Winter Wonderland chalk art

Reading with Mrs. Clause

A reading nook and cookie display proved to be the perfect set up for Mrs. Clause to spend the day reading Christmas stories to all the children. Whether they chose to sit on the sidelines and listen or worked up the courage to come sit beside her, her charm and warmth was felt by all. 

cookie display
cookie display on silver trays
Mrs. Clause reading nook
Mrs. Clause reading with children
Mrs. Clause Christmas stories
Mrs. Clause and baby

A Family Affair

We had guests flood our doors as soon as we opened at 11, and the party didn't stop until we turned off the lights.  It was amazing to see the combination of families that came to sit on Santa's lap : couples with their fur children, cousins, siblings, parents and children, full extended families.  Our mission can be summed up to the simple idea of Bringing People Together, and to see it in such a literal sense never stops being so special and heart-warming. 

Of course if it wasn't for Adam V. SImmons Photography, there wouldn't be any of the photos to remember it all!  This man was a blur - he was up, down, all over the place and got in a serious workout trying to entertain the kids and make them smile while also catching it all on camera.  We are SO thrilled with the way he managed to work with such a chaotic combination of people with such high quality, efficiency and laughing the whole time.  Thank you so much, Adam!!

The Colson Family, brought together in our Poppop's space once again, feeling him everywhere. 

The Colson Family, brought together in our Poppop's space once again, feeling him everywhere. 

Santa Pictures by Adam V. Simmons Photography

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