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A DIY Wedding Done Right

A DIY Wedding Done Right

This Is How You DIY

You all know how our DIY brides have a special place in our hearts...it's what inspired the whole renovation of the Milkhouse parlor in the first place.  When Renee came to us with an interest in having her bridal party create her wedding day flower arrangements, we knew that it would be a match made in heaven.  Her garden style was met with an overflow of white and green flowers for elegant...

Renee chose to work with Clover Event Company as her wedding planner - we were very impressed to see them at the DIY Party.  We always give huge props to those in the industry who are willing to get their hands dirty, so this company definitely made it to our Recommendations list.  

The end result...

Renee and Joe's wedding day was picture perfect, as seen in these gorgeous images from Alexa Nahas Photography We were positively beaming when we saw how amazing the flowers looked.  As much as we love giving our clients a fun experience working with flowers, there's something truly special knowing we helped them have such an involved part of their wedding day accessories. 

Renee formal wedding portrait
Renee floral details

Renee's floral crown and bouquet were made with a classic mix of white spray roses, ranunculus, stock and peonies.  They kept with her timeless style, but added just the right amount of texture against the sleek simplicity of her gown. 

Renee and Bridesmaids DIY bouquets

Renee's bridesmaids knocked their bouquets out of the park with their selection of wwhite stock, ranunculus, spray roses, anemones and flowing greens. 

Joe bout

Many people underestimate how tricky bouts can be to make - this shows a true labor of love for Joe's white ranunculus bout with navy ribbon wrapping.

Joe and Renee
DIY aisle arrangements AD stakes

Our pretty AD aisle stakes were rented for the ceremony, with flowers from the DIY party made of white spray roses, stock and a single peony.

Joe and Renee wedding ceremony
Renne and Joe DIY centerpiece

The aisle arrangements  we reused as part of the centerpieces, along with a collection of mercury bud vases and our elevated votive trios.


And they lived happily ever after...

Renee and Joe portrait

Congratulations, Renee and Joe!!

Interested in having a DIY Party to make flower arrangements? Contact us today!

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